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Colour, Symbol, Image

As part of our inquiry into ‘Melbourne Then & Now’, we have been learning about indigenous history and the significance of Coranderrk.   We shared our thoughts using a thinking routine called ‘Colour, Symbol, Image’.  Here are a few snapshots

Maths Walk

20170227_110009We had to figure out how many bricks there were on the People’s Path. I estimated my answer – Aki


It had way more maths than a normal day. The mapping was my favourite part – Toby


I liked the place with all the flowers, the maths was the Fibonacci pattern in the flowers – Leonhard


I really liked going to see and learn about the Fibonacci pattern, I found out that is has a pattern by adding and adding and it can go on forever – Lois


Exciting, mathematical and puzzling – Chris


I enjoyed seeing the Fibonacci sequence in the flowers – Flynn


I liked it when we went in to the conservatory and saw the flowers and the Fibonacci pattern – Jemimah


I liked working out the people’s path I finished adding it up when I got back to school using the strategy that Oliver, Chris and I worked out – Ed





What are we learning in il Nido?


Week 3 is almost over and our timetable is jam packed with individual and  collaborative learning.


This year I have done more maths menu tasks, I am finding it easier to concentrate – Stanley 


Oliver – I enjoy writing whatever I want to write 


Ned – I’m researching about gas lamps for inquiry. Hydrogen and oxygen makes water and when you 
put the water in to calcium oxide it can reach over 230 degrees


I’ve enjoyed researching Ned Kelly in inquiry – Dinny

Jack – I enjoyed making patterns and graphs with unifix in maths


Hanna - In inquiry I found out something about the history of where my family lives


Indigo - In inquiry I like how we are doing then and now because we are doing more history and getting to know other people. I also like having my own stuff now.


Chiron - I have enjoyed working on different genres of stories and getting more
 time to spend on writing


Saskia – I have learnt about Melbourne and Ned Kelly and the old Melbourne zoo. In the past the
 enclosures were not as suited to the animals as they are now.


Kyla – I’ve enjoyed doing research about the Olympics. I learnt there were only 372 women competing 
then but there were 2000 men so it wasn’t very fair


Fin – I enjoyed connecting the computers for the whole school


Kiki – I enjoyed doing research for the Olympics and I learnt that Ron Clarke lit the torch


Nadia – I’ve enjoyed inquiry. We’ve been researching about traffic lights and it’s really hard to find 
things about traffic lights in Melbourne


Olive B – I’ve enjoyed maths and learning about patterns and finding out what the pattern will be


Emily – I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s then and now


Lyla – I like maths where we’re learning about algebra and the Cartesian plane


il Nido 2017


What a great start to the year!

The students have all settled really quickly. It has been great to see their enthusiasm and to hear their positive highlights so far, hopefully you have heard some good feedback too.

Our LC has a fresh new look as well, as reflected in the photos. Our teaching team is rested and enthusiastic about a new year of learning and supporting all our students. Julie and Bec are still in il Nido and we welcome Fabienne to our team.



  • The LC is open to students at 8.45am to come up to put their bags away, to get ready for the day, catch up with students or teachers etc. However any time before 8.45am the teachers are in meetings.


Heads up:                                                                                   

Next Thursday, 9th Feb, from 3.30pm, is an LC open time for all families to come and see the LC (looks a bit different from last year) and meet the teachers. The 456 LCs will have an information session at 5:30pm. These information sessions are open for anyone to attend but will be geared primarily for those who are new to the school or new to the LC. The information presented will be uploaded onto the website for anyone who cannot make it on the night.

Then /Now

Students have been asked to find a picture of themselves when they were in prep or kinder. They are writing a ‘then/now’ piece of writing, which will be displayed in our room when completed. Teachers are also participating in this writing task.

Photos can be brought in or families can scan and print at home or they can be emailed to us 20170203_150844.jpg

This activity will lead into our inquiry, ‘Melbourne, then and now,’ covering the history, civics, and geography elements of our curriculum. It is anticipated that we will have a showcase of our learning for families early in term 2 before we move on to a science based inquiry.


Maths walk

Our maths inquiry will develop the understanding that the harmony of numbers and pattern exists in our natural world. Students will understand that wherever there is a visual pattern there is a matching number pattern, and vice versa.

To further explore these concepts, in week five, we plan to take the students to the maths walk in the Fitzroy Gardens, designed by MAV (Maths Association of Victoria) It would be great to have some parent helpers. We have four workshop groups so two groups will go together on a given day. We anticipate it will be a Tuesday and a Wednesday. The students will travel by tram so would use their own Myki card. More information about this soon.



Camp photos

Camp was great. Students had lots of fun.

Thanks to our photographer, Bec.

Other news: Yay! New headphones ordered and should arrive later this week. Again thanks to all who contributed to our Friday market. We had enough money to buy ten.

Sci Fi Showcase

Congratulations to all of our amazing film makers!  As you can see from the photos, the students were very proud of their work.  They enjoyed showcasing their projects and received lots of positive feedback from parents, 123 students and staff at BEPS.  In case you missed it, we will be uploading the films on to our private Youtube site by the end of next week.

The students have learned lots through this process, and some have now elected to share their knowledge by helping our preps to make their own films.

The showcase was a great conclusion to our Space inquiry and we’re looking forward to our new inquiry into Diversity this term.  Watch this space!

Lit. Fest

Busy! Successful! Fun! Intriguing!


The above image captures it all. We had so many interesting characters in our LC, it was great. The students were amused about being taught by our teaching team, including our student teacher, who were dressed up as pick pockets from the story ‘Oliver Twist.’

We had a busy timetable, full of engaging activities. We would like to thank all our wonderful parents who volunteered their time and skills to run workshops for the students.

  • Phil – Scary Stories workshop
  • Jacinta – Radio skills workshop
  • Libby – Interviewing skills workshop
  • Guido – Oral presentations workshop
  • Jane – Formatting workshop

Also thanks to Mandy, Eileen and Peggy who helped us to edit some of the amazing Sci-Fi stories that the students have written this term. We will be sharing the stories and films with you next term. Jacinta and Kirsty H helped to assist with the Triple J workshop. Thanks to everyone for making it such an interesting week.

As well, Mel, who works in the radio room with students from il Nido, organized workshops.

  • Bernard Caleo – Cartoon drawing
  • 100 Story building – story boarding
  • Jo – Triple J Radio presenting

Below are some photos from the various workshops.





A little bit of everything

Il Nido News 

Firstly a big thank you, to all the parents who helped serve and set up the Friday market, to all who contributed food and of course to all our wonderful and enthusiastic students who provided entertainment or also helped sell food. It has taken awhile but our final total was given to us this week – an incredible $476. Whoa!

Literacy Week is happening at BEPS this term in week nine, beginning June 6th. Our students will be participating in some great activities organized by Mel, our radio teacher. The students will learn about script writing, participate in an oral story telling session with Uncle Bill Nicholson as well as learning about writing comic books with Bernard Caleo.

We would also like to invite any of you who have special literary skills to run a workshop with some students. You could share some writing tips, talk about your own process of writing, editing or publishing or you may like to facilitate a writing session with our students. Come on, volunteer.

You may have heard, or not, that writing is a big focus in il Nido this term. There was a literary buzz in our LC yesterday with all the students tapping on keys and talking about ideas for their group’s sci-fi story. We have been impressed. Some groups are very close to finishing their first draft and ready to begin the editing process. All groups are aiming to finish next week and then moving on to making their digital story. Of course there will be a time allocated to sharing it all with you.

The Tinker Lab is, as I am sure you would expect, proving to be popular with our students. In il Nido for the first few sessions, the students are building a space base and preparing to launch to the moon using Minecraft. Some students have also expressed an interest in participating in lunchtime activities. A timetable will be worked out soon. We also are lucky to have access to some 3D printers. The students have been invited to have a go at designing something at home, such a ‘bag tag’, using the program ‘Sketch Up.’ It can be downloaded for free at They can then bring in their design on a USB for Rob to print. Thanks Rob!

It has been great to hear feedback about students being engaged with our space inquiry. If the space fever is infecting the whole family you might like to book tickets to go see a retro sci-fi theatre production at the National Institute of Circus Arts. It looks great but unfortunately it would be an expensive excursion. Check it out for yourself at Thanks to Colleen for the heads up.

Some pics from the Tinker Lab below

Our Space Odyssey

‘Scienceworks’ always has great programs to stimulate our thinking and our recent excursion certainly stimulated lots of thinking and curiosity. In the planetarium we watched a film “The Problem with Pluto.” Lucy and her teenage friends, who lived on various planets in the Solar System, went on a journey to discover if Pluto is really a planet or not – the debate and search for a final conclusion continues, with scientists . We also watched the projection of star constellations. There were lots of student mutterings of,“Wow” and some students were unsure as to whether it was us or the dome rotating.

While not related to our space inquiry, the opportunity to learn about electricity at Scienceworks, could not be missed. This week Bec has been following up with some static electricity experiments, which have been lots of fun. Some students have also chosen to research about electricity in ILT (independent learning time).

At the moment the students are involved in the publication of one of their research topics, exploring creative ways to present their knowledge; 3D forms, mobiles, dioramas, pop up posters to name a few and next term they will present another area of interest to them in a digital form. The students are really engaged in so many different aspects of our solar system.

Given the high level of interest in space, if you are looking for school holiday ideas, keep an eye on Scienceworks because two upcoming programs that many students might like to visit are, ‘Black Holes: Journey into the unknown’ and ‘Capturing the Cosmos,’ about research being carried out by Australian astronomers in Australia.

The space odyssey continues…  the force is strong with these padawans!


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