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First set of photos from camp – more to be uploaded!


Colour Run!

il Nido 2019 photos!

We have had such a wonderful year in il Nido!

As we are nearing the end, we will be adding lots of photos from throughout the year – thanks to the whole il Nido community for making 2019 such a good one!

To get us started, here are some backstage photos from our wonderful production of Romeo and Juliet.

Il Nido Term 3 Wrap-up

The year has been speeding by and here we are almost at the close of Term 3!

It’s been an eventful term with some brilliant highlights:


Our competitive debating group continued to develop their skills this term with ongoing teacher-led sessions, inter-LC debates, and a debating excursion.

Alex, Lois, Ari, Lily, Olive K, Nadia, Felix, Leonhard, Oliver, Andrew, Milo M, Ed, went with Robyn to Clifton Hill Primary School for inter-school debating on Wednesday 12th September. It was a terrific experience for all and our team had some excellent results, winning three of the five debates, with several students earning best speaker.

Some quotes about the experience:

Olive K “We felt really good about the blind debate, since we were able to get everything prepared and still have time to practise. It was really enjoyable being in debating and helped me improve my skills a lot.”

Lois “I enjoyed doing it at a different school, and practising in front of other people.”

Nadia “I enjoyed writing the blind debate under pressure. We only had an hour and forty-five minutes to write the debate then we had to speak in a shorter debate.”

Angus “The thing I like about debating is that we compete against the other classes and it’s a lot of fun preparing and getting ready.”

Lily “I think it’s good for kids to do it. It helped me with my public speaking. I usually speak too fast – it helped me slow down. It helps you see things from different perspectives and each side can have good points.” 


This year Il Nido completed 3 group project entries for the Maths Talent Quest:

“All about Moreland and our Local Area”

and “The Human Struggle: a Global Solution” both won credit prizes;

and “How will Australians adapt to the future Australia” won a distinction!

Congratulations to all our wonderful Il Nido Mathematicians!

Some representatives from the Future Australia group will be selected to attend the awards ceremony on Thursday 18th October at La Trobe University.


Thanks again to everyone for contributing to and supporting our Friday Market. Once again our Learning Community has been successful and raised an extra $350 for the LC, which we have elected to spend on the purchase of new educational games.

Well done!

PORTSEA CAMP Monday 15th – Wednesday 17th October (Term 4 Week 2)

We are in the process of finalising the last few details for our camp and are getting really excited now that it’s so close. The final camp note will be handed out at the during the first week back in term 4. For anyone who needs an extra packing list, we will attempt to attach this below as well as put a copy on the Il Nido 2018 Google Classroom.

Il Nido Camp packing list 2018


To close, we’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy school holidays, and send you off with a poem:

Spring Awakening by Lily Baker

Spring is the magical time

When the rainbow lorikeets hum and the honey suckles


When I actively bounce down the sand dunes

And onto the pea green grass,

The waratahs and the wattles bloom,

And my heart opens to the riot of spring.

I love this time when everything comes to life,

Nature triumphs in the trees, swaying freely in the wind,

Stealing my train of thought

And making my imagination run wild.

I am inspired by this heavenly kingdom,

The tranquillity of dew droplets falling,


The mastery of the rain.

I feel connected.

Tree sap trickles down the bark of native gum trees

I examine this , calmly, curiously.

Sometimes the wind whispers to me at dusk

Giving me confidence within my body

I promise

I will always make the most of springtime.

Source: Poems written by Australian children in masterclasses on The Four Seasons using The Hathorn Technique led by Libby Hathorn.

See for more.



Photo g GThe feedback about drumming was really positive. The African drumming incursion in which students (and teachers!) participated, was challenging, but heaps of fun! We all got a Djembe drum to play, and participated in a whole-group drumming performance led by a highly talented and experienced teacher. With so much playing, all of us were shaking our hands at the end, and we were so amazed that people who do this style of drumming could keep it up for such long periods of time!

“Best experience I’ve ever had” – Hugo M

“Very informative!” Alex BA

“Fun, interactive, and I learned so much” – Lizzie

“Fun experience, but sore hands!” – Leah

“It was really fun, but my hands got itchy from so much drumming!” – Kyla

“It was fun learning how the drums are made” – Alice

photo g ga

“It was fun and very enjoyable learning the different types of sounds on the djembe” – Jemimah

“I thought that it was very entertaining and I liked how it’s something new we can do” – Lois

“I liked doing the beats and dancing” – Leonhard

“It was thrilling and very fun” – Edwin

“It was quick paced and exciting” – Solomon

“It is musical fun that everyone can join in with” – Max

“It hurt my hands, but it was so fun!” – Milo L


This week we have been exploring science through the lens of engineering. First of all we explored the simplest of machines- screws, wedges, wheels, gears, pulleys, levers and inclined planes.

After designing and creating a pinwheel. Each group was asked to ensure that no individual had the same design, but that the pinwheel did need to function. The results were phenomenal! The extreme range of machines created by the students just cutting and folding different parts of the paper were surprising.

We also looked at the design process from a Science stance- Asking about and Identifying the problem, Imagining plausible solutions, Planning the materials and methods needed, Creating and Testing the design and then Reflecting and Improving upon it.







Last Wednesday we were all in for a fantastic treat usually reserved for High School students. Janet bought in a sack full of sheep hearts and ran an Anatomical Science session with il Nido. Groups of student explored the features of the hearts, slicing them open and disassembling the tendons, muscles, chambers, valves and arteries.

It has been truly fantastic to give the students such a broad understanding of the complexities of science. We are continuing to reframe science as an investigation of the world both physical and metaphysical, an excellent way of thinking, discovering and explaining for EVERYONE to enjoy (whether you are wearing a white coat or not!).





Below you can see the incredible results (and variation in results) from one of our  chemical mixing experiments using cabbage water.

collage science results

The students thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Reactive Chemistry’ session. Many reported it was really interesting conducting all the experiments, others liked learning some chemical symbols and others said they learnt something they didn’t know anything about. All in all there were no complaints and there was an excited buzz of conversation in every session.

The teachers were impressed with the hands on nature of the activities and the presenter successfully engaged all students.

This week, on Wednesday Janet will be doing a science session on the heart with all the students and in week six, ‘Hands on Science,’ returns for a hands on engineering session.

Stay tuned for more incredible photos!


All of us are experiencing technical difficulties at school through. Because a technician has not been allocated to our school, please bear with us whilst we communicate as best we can.





Il Nido News 2018

A great start to the year! The students are already demonstrating positive learner behaviours and an enthusiastic attitude towards their learning.

 Inquiry focus – Science

Hopefully you have heard something about our science topic from your child because the students have certainly been engaged. Our big concept is ‘Change’ – science helps people to understand the natural world and creates different futures.

So far the students have watched You Tube films – ‘The world in 2050,’ The story of Earth (looking back to look forward) and an ABC Catalyst documentary on the future use of robots on farms. In English we have learnt about the ozone layer, clean coals and poaching. Some other areas coming up will be cloning, robotic technology and looking at articles about why we need to embrace science. In research sessions the students are taking notes about antibiotics, coal energy and solar energy, with more independent tasks to follow soon.

Next week we have our first science incursion; ‘Reactive Chemistry’ followed by a second session in week six about ‘Engineering and design.’ Janet has volunteered to do science workshops involving the students using real hearts to make a link between our lungs and heart; a change in one impacting the other. Also Charis from the ‘Science in Schools program,’ is visiting to talk to the students about DNA. We will post some pictures of these events.

All in all, some exciting stuff.



In Maths we have begun with the Statistics and Probability section of the curriculum. The students have been playing games with dice and cards, collecting data, interpreting statistics, drawing conclusions, using probability language to explain results and applying strategies to make the games fair. We will be moving on very soon. Access to students results for PAT maths testing at the end of the year has been made available this week, which will give us insight into what the students need to focus on and hence drive our planning and teaching for the rest of the term. Stay tuned for more maths updates soon.

If you have knowledge of a good maths tutor, please let us know because some families in il Nido are looking for one.


Looking for community volunteers


This is where you come in. We are aware that some of you also work in some sort of science related field and we would love it if you could come in to give some real life application for our students. Please drop us a line if you would be interested and we can slot you into our program in weeks 7, 8 and 9.

Conferencing help

If you are able to help out with conferencing, please email us. Usually in the past adults have assisted in the first one or two sessions of the day between 9:00 and 10:50am.



  • If you haven’t returned the pink Science incursion note and payment please do so by the end of this week. The first session is next Monday.
  • Some students will be involved in the inter-school sport day this Friday. please pay and give permission on QKR, which Peter has set up. You would have received an email if your child is involved in this program.
  • Swimming every Thursday. The Curiosita team will be supervising them this year. Support your child to remember to bring their swimming gear.


Drink / fruit

This year we are encouraging the students to get a drink of water and a piece of fruit if they wish at workshop swap over time. This provides the students with a quick break and then a refocus on their learning and it seems to be working for most of the students. The teachers are trying to model this behavior as well. Please help by sending your child along with a drink bottle and providing them with some fruit.

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