What a great start to the year!

The students have all settled really quickly. It has been great to see their enthusiasm and to hear their positive highlights so far, hopefully you have heard some good feedback too.

Our LC has a fresh new look as well, as reflected in the photos. Our teaching team is rested and enthusiastic about a new year of learning and supporting all our students. Julie and Bec are still in il Nido and we welcome Fabienne to our team.



  • The LC is open to students at 8.45am to come up to put their bags away, to get ready for the day, catch up with students or teachers etc. However any time before 8.45am the teachers are in meetings.


Heads up:                                                                                   

Next Thursday, 9th Feb, from 3.30pm, is an LC open time for all families to come and see the LC (looks a bit different from last year) and meet the teachers. The 456 LCs will have an information session at 5:30pm. These information sessions are open for anyone to attend but will be geared primarily for those who are new to the school or new to the LC. The information presented will be uploaded onto the website for anyone who cannot make it on the night.

Then /Now

Students have been asked to find a picture of themselves when they were in prep or kinder. They are writing a ‘then/now’ piece of writing, which will be displayed in our room when completed. Teachers are also participating in this writing task.

Photos can be brought in or families can scan and print at home or they can be emailed to us inlc@beps.vic.edu.au. 20170203_150844.jpg

This activity will lead into our inquiry, ‘Melbourne, then and now,’ covering the history, civics, and geography elements of our curriculum. It is anticipated that we will have a showcase of our learning for families early in term 2 before we move on to a science based inquiry.


Maths walk

Our maths inquiry will develop the understanding that the harmony of numbers and pattern exists in our natural world. Students will understand that wherever there is a visual pattern there is a matching number pattern, and vice versa.

To further explore these concepts, in week five, we plan to take the students to the maths walk in the Fitzroy Gardens, designed by MAV (Maths Association of Victoria) It would be great to have some parent helpers. We have four workshop groups so two groups will go together on a given day. We anticipate it will be a Tuesday and a Wednesday. The students will travel by tram so would use their own Myki card. More information about this soon.