Scruffy the Goat, exciting and different, fun, fantastic, tents, survival (the game), tiring, self inflicted sleep deprivation, active, walking, kangaroos, bush, trees, muddy, rain, hot, sunshine, exercise, yummy food, friends, best camp ever….these are just some of the memories from our wonderful camp this week. As we know you have heard, we had a FANTASTIC and VERY SUCCESSFUL camp this year. BEPS teachers chose this new camp last year from a selection of about 5, and we are so pleased with our choice! It provides different experiences from the other two camps we go on as 456s. The outdoor activities were fun and adventurous, the cabins were spacious and clean (there were more than enough beds for everyone if the weather was too harsh to camp), we got to sleep like real campers in tents, and the camp staff were friendly and professional. We have lots of tired bodies at school and home today, and smiles galore 🙂

Thank you to those families who have contacted us and acknowledged the effort and dedication that goes into organising and running a successful camp. Please enjoy these photos – Julie, Bec and Fabienne