Written by Indigo, Alex V, Emily and Angus

On the 11th of October 3 teams from B.E.P.S participated in ‘G.A.T.EWAYS THE CHALLENGE,’ at Ivanhoe grammar.  The teams were made up of 4 students from each of the 456 LC’S. We each had a half an hour practice session for each task in the morning. The tasks each had a team leader. For example our group

A cool crisis-Angus

A pirate’s plunder-Emily

The great solar space race-Indigo

Dissecting Frankenstein’s lab-Alex


You were given a score out of 50 for each activity giving the maximum score becoming 200. You were scored for teamwork, representation and overall getting the challenge done. For each task you had an overall working time of 28 minutes, often broke up into 4, 7-minute sections. At the end they announced the top three and gave all teams a certificate. In the end ST ANTHONYS filled 2nd and 3rd places but the BE.P.S team from Il Nido won with a total of 151 points.


The task ‘A cool crisis’ was about making a new circuit board because you were in the arctic and your existing circuit board was about to disintegrate and your Ecopod was about to shut down and the team will freeze to death. Each one of you would draw one of the quarters and you only had 7 minutes to draw your quarter. Then you would go to your team table and compare. After that you would fill out a materials list and after 7 minutes the storeroom would be open for 7 minutes. The twist was only one team member was allowed at a time and then you would have to build your replica circuit board.


The task ‘dissecting Frankenstein’s lab’ featured you being Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant and you turned up at the lab one day and find an experiment has gone wrong and some of the walls have been destroyed. You then had to work out word puzzles based on mythological creatures to restore one quarter of the labyrinth. Then we had to choose a mythical creature that would be suitable for a wedding on a ship, and then we read the information and found out that mermaids cause shipwrecks. To restore the third quarter of the labyrinth we had to write a narrative about what happened on the ship with the mermaid on board. To restore the fourth quarter of the labyrinth we had to create our own mythical creature. We got extra marks for creativity.


The Great Solar Space Race was by far the hardest task. We had to do 7 tasks. They involved lots of maths. We had a made up solar system where we had to use astronomical units also known as AU which = 150,000,000 kilometres. We use AU to see how far each planet was from another. You get 3 bonus points if you complete the 7 tasks first.


A pirate’s plunder was a bit less challenging than the others. We were given a bag of challenges that contained padlocks with keys. We had had to work out which one fitted each padlock. There was another padlock that there was a number combination for. There was a puzzle that had different coins on it. It was hard to build because the pieces were 2D. At the end you had to fill out the answer sheet that had lots of different questions about a pirate. The pirate was Edward Teach also known as Blackbeard.


We enjoyed getting this opportunity and would recommend it to other students if they had the chance to participate in Gateways. We learnt a lot and it was fun.



And from our Year 5/6 team…

Andrew – “There was all these teams and I felt special because I was chosen to go there.”

Ed – “Don’t be sad that it’s over, smile that it happened” 🙂

Oliver H – “GATEways was awesome.”

Keir had to leave just after we took the photo