Below you can see the incredible results (and variation in results) from one of our  chemical mixing experiments using cabbage water.

collage science results

The students thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Reactive Chemistry’ session. Many reported it was really interesting conducting all the experiments, others liked learning some chemical symbols and others said they learnt something they didn’t know anything about. All in all there were no complaints and there was an excited buzz of conversation in every session.

The teachers were impressed with the hands on nature of the activities and the presenter successfully engaged all students.

This week, on Wednesday Janet will be doing a science session on the heart with all the students and in week six, ‘Hands on Science,’ returns for a hands on engineering session.

Stay tuned for more incredible photos!


All of us are experiencing technical difficulties at school through. Because a technician has not been allocated to our school, please bear with us whilst we communicate as best we can.